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What a rock star! Self-taught Japanese artist creates realistic animal designs on pebbles - including an adorable hedgehog and a raccoon

For some artists, a canvas just isn't enough and they crave different and unique materials to create their masterpieces on.

Meet the only man in the world who can swim with a polar bear

Polar bear is the largest land predator on Earth and definitely one of the most dangerous wild animals to be around of. However, that doesn’t stop a couple in Canada to raise a polar bear as their pet. Meet Mark and Dawn Dumas and their really unusual pet, Agee, the polar bear.

Sick bear cub gets left behind her family, then cop risks his own life to save him

Although baby bears are irresistibly adorable, people who work with them know it’s a better idea not to pet them, or even approach them, given that their protective moms are always watching out. Therefore, State Trooper Thomas Owens was in a real dilemma when he saw a baby cub in trouble. He knew he had to help, but his life was at stake.

Baby cow escapes slaughterhouse – gets adopted by wild deer family

Bonnie, the cow, was just 4-month-old when decided to take fate into her own hooves. Born on a cow farm in upstate New York, the baby cow became a living legend among the locals. It all started a couple of years ago, when she was just a little calf.

Little boy gets the flu and doesn’t want anyone to comfort him, except his beloved dog

There has to be a special connection between dogs and little kids, since it’s very hard to find something more heart-warming than a kid hanging with his furry friend. And this pit bull and his mini-human friend are no less.

Stray dog got kicked by cruel driver, comes back with its friends to destroy the car

Lately, we have been witnessed to so many careless people when it comes to respect the animals. And for me, as an animal lover, this is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately, we hear about these story when it is too late. Beside that, almost all the time, the poor animals are nothing but helpless, since they cannot fight back.

Baby fox loses mom in car accident, gets adopted by dog

For a baby wild animal is crucial to get its mom protection and love in its first weeks of life. Therefore, when tragedies occurs and those little creature became orphaned, their fate is almost sealed as their chances to survive in the wild by their own are extremely low. It’s also the case of this fox cub.