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What a rock star! Self-taught Japanese artist creates realistic animal designs on pebbles - including an adorable hedgehog and a raccoon

For some artists, a canvas just isn't enough and they crave different and unique materials to create their masterpieces on.

Meet the only man in the world who can swim with a polar bear

Polar bear is the largest land predator on Earth and definitely one of the most dangerous wild animals to be around of. However, that doesn’t stop a couple in Canada to raise a polar bear as their pet. Meet Mark and Dawn Dumas and their really unusual pet, Agee, the polar bear.

Sick bear cub gets left behind her family, then cop risks his own life to save him

Although baby bears are irresistibly adorable, people who work with them know it’s a better idea not to pet them, or even approach them, given that their protective moms are always watching out. Therefore, State Trooper Thomas Owens was in a real dilemma when he saw a baby cub in trouble. He knew he had to help, but his life was at stake.

Baby cow escapes slaughterhouse – gets adopted by wild deer family

Bonnie, the cow, was just 4-month-old when decided to take fate into her own hooves. Born on a cow farm in upstate New York, the baby cow became a living legend among the locals. It all started a couple of years ago, when she was just a little calf.

Little boy gets the flu and doesn’t want anyone to comfort him, except his beloved dog

There has to be a special connection between dogs and little kids, since it’s very hard to find something more heart-warming than a kid hanging with his furry friend. And this pit bull and his mini-human friend are no less.

Stray dog got kicked by cruel driver, comes back with its friends to destroy the car

Lately, we have been witnessed to so many careless people when it comes to respect the animals. And for me, as an animal lover, this is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately, we hear about these story when it is too late. Beside that, almost all the time, the poor animals are nothing but helpless, since they cannot fight back.

Baby fox loses mom in car accident, gets adopted by dog

For a baby wild animal is crucial to get its mom protection and love in its first weeks of life. Therefore, when tragedies occurs and those little creature became orphaned, their fate is almost sealed as their chances to survive in the wild by their own are extremely low. It’s also the case of this fox cub.

Stray cat breaks into zoo, fell in love with lynx in the sweetest way

The animals never cease to amaze me when it comes to unusual friendships. And exactly when you might think there’s nothing to impress you anymore, an incredible, lovely story airs once again. This time a cat and a lynx are making a perfect duo. However, the most interesting part is how they’ve met.

Cute pup gets bored on a long flight – decides to entertain the passengers behind him

We all know how boring a long flight can be. Especially when you’re travelling on economy class. And if ever thought that for a puppy, traveling via plane would be different, just think again.

Rescued fox and rescued dog become best friends

You probably remember Jupiter, the happiest fox in the world! Well, it turned out she’s not just an Instagram sensation, but a kind, friendly creature, too.

Caring Golden Retriever surprises owner with baby koala whose life she just saved

There are countless stories that prove how incredible creatures dogs are. They’re known as the man’s best friend and their loyalty is above any other’s creature on Earth. Yet, this story proves that dogs not only care about humans, but other beings too.

The bee declared the most important living being on Earth

The bees have been declared the most important living beings on this planet, the Earthwatch Institute concluded in the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London. However, according to wildlife experts and scientists, the bees have joined the endangered species long list.

Holland becomes first country without homeless dogs and here’s how they did it

Homelessness is a huge problem for animals all over the world. Even if it’s nearly impossible to count how many stray dogs there are, the World Health Organization estimates that about 200 million around the planet do not have a home. Sadly, it doesn’t seems the problem will be soon fixed. Therefore, a major part of those pups won’t have a home and a family.

90-year-old woman declined chemo, started to travel with her dog instead

Despite being 90 years old and receiving a life-threatening diagnosis, the beautiful Miss Norma was still full of life. Just days after her husband’s passing, she received a hard diagnose, too. However, Norma decided she doesn’t want to see the inside of any more hospitals, but to see the world, instead.

While Humans are Social Distancing, Elephants are Stealing Their Wine and Partying

Half of the world is in lockdown, and the other half in self-isolation so there has been a lot of news about animals taking back the cities and villages. This news about elephants, that broke into Chinese wine vats might be the cutest of them all. It seems that a group of hungry, but also curious elephants invaded a tea garden in China in search of food but found something more that they wished for.

Turn Tree Stumps And Logs Into Unique Chairs/Stools

Here are some examples of how you can turn tree stumps and logs into unique furniture that will last for years to come. This Rustic Log chairs collection features an authentic rustic look and feel through the use of natural wood logs in each design.

Gorgeous Bellevue Tiny House by West Coast Homes

Another tiny vacation home built for the lake resort Wildwood Lakefront Cottages. This Bellevue model is an updated version of the San Juan. It features a more open floor plan with large windows and high ceilings, and a flat roof with a rooftop deck.

Built-in dog beds underneath people bed

Here’s a great idea for dog lovers. Built-in dog beds underneath people bed. Nice idea though and easy to do in a kid’s room. What do you think?

Surprising Items You Can Repurpose into Makeshift Kitchen Islands

Don’t have or you want an unique kitchen island? Here are some great ideas and a list of things that can be repurposed into kitchen islands.

The Roost 36 by Perch & Nest features two bedroom lofts and a large deck made from 100% recycled materials

The tiny house movement gains more and more ground each year and it evolved from a very basic architectural style to more sophisticated and modern ones. Let’s take this next example, a tiny house created by a specialized company called Perch & Nest.

Perfect Beautiful Family Build Shipping Container Home

This is a container shipping house built by Backcountry Containers bring the perfect beauty. Designing unique and simple solutions to complex problems has always been one of Jon Meier’s strongest attributes. Like most engineers, the founder of Backcountry Containers has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together.

The interior of a renovated 1979 Airstream

The rustic interior of a renovated 1979 Airstream. This trailer might look like a regular 1979 Airstream mobile home when you look at it from the outside. On the surface, it doesn’t look like it’s anything more than average, but once you see it on the inside, you’ll realize it’s anything but ordinary. What do you think?

Learn How To Use Old, Useless Shutters In Brilliant Ways!

Turn an old shutter into a new DIY home decoration. I knew that there were tons of objects that can be used in creative new ways — like old ladders or useless suitcases — I never thought that old shutters could also be upcycled.

The Highland Home by Incredible Tiny Home

Incredible Tiny Homes represents a dream to provide affordable and comfortable housing for everyone. Randy Jones founded Incredible Tiny Homes in Morristown, Tennessee in 2014 with a passion to pursue a professional standard of craftsmanship in the Tiny Home industry.

Your Cat Needs This Wall-Mounted Bed

This Wall-Mounted bubble window bed not only looks cool, but cats love them. A cat is a member of a family, their interest or needs should always be our consideration when it comes to interior design. This is available in the link below…

This Amazing Peacock Wedding Cake Uses Cupcakes For The Tail

Cakes can be more than just food if they are made by a talented baker who will take them to a next level. If you are looking for a beautiful birthday cake for someone close to you, than you can get in touch with this company that designes the most amazing cakes ever.

Peek Inside This Gorgeous Farmhouse-Inspired Tiny House

This spacious tiny home on wheels features a great design. This tiny house has a light and airy interior and plenty of space. Interior features- Main level bedroom with Murphy bed and solid Oak dining table.

Man builds hybrid mini-motorhome on top of his Prius

Made primarily using scraps scavenged from the tip, the miniature house set Mr Lawler back $150 and took just over a week to complete. The abode sports a tin roof with a chimney, a stained-glass window and a letter box displaying the car’s registration plate.“There’s a lot of boring camper vans out there. I thought this would be a little bit more quaint and Australiana with a rusted tin roof,” Mr Lawler said.

Volkswagen Super Bugger: The Craziest Beetle You’ve Ever Seen

There are so few in Canada that most people who see a Super Bugger for the first time likely take a second look. Now a couple in Rimbey, Alta., has decided to sell one of the rare beasts. “It’s really difficult to explain this little thing,” said Keith Spelrem, who with his wife, Glenna, owes a green-trimmed Volkswagen Beetle conversion called Super Bugger. “We try to tell people, if you took a camper off the back of a truck and stuffed the nose of a Beetle on it, that’s kind of what it looks like.”

The Coolest Bunk Beds

Kids love bunk beds, so if you are thinking about redesigning your children’s room why not go directly for a bunk room? Here are some cool ideas of how to put this into practice a bunk room idea.

19 Best Sprinter Van Conversion Interiors

Have you ever wanted to own a camper van ? In the following you can learn step by step how to convert a van into an amazing camper van. Learn how to do it, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Details of all the conversion jobs, skills, tools, resources and equipment needed to convert any van or minibus into a family camper van.

Beautiful Tiny House (800 sq ft)

This beautiful, bright and modern cottage is located in Oregon and designed by Nir Pearlson Architect. This sustainable hybrid timber-frame Mini Home combines cozy spaces with an expansive character. The interiors weave into the surrounding garden, and the home celebrates the cycle of seasons.

The 25 Best Unique Dog House Designs

If you are looking for a new house for your dog and don’t know which one would be the best option, the link below features a set of 25 original dog house ideas. Dog houses can vary in size and shape, it all depends of course on the breed of your dog and the size of your outdoor space.

Bicycle Tire Dome

This is a nice use of bike rims. I took a bunch of bike wheels and zip-tied them together into a dome. How does it look? … leave a comment.

11-Year-Old Boy Speed-Crochets Unbelievable Masterpieces For Charity

For some of us crocheting is a simple hobby, but for the 11 year old Jonas is more than that. He took his passion to the next level and is considered a true prodigy by many as he makes the most intricate and complex pieces.

This Man Repopulated A Rare Butterfly Species In His Own Backyard

Finding ways to protect and conserve rare or endangered species has recently become an even more pressing issue for mankind. Since our planet is going through constant changes, some that might even threaten its existence, it is very important to protect what it’s left of it. For instance, let’s look at the case of the Pipevine Swallowtail of California, which is one of the most beautiful butterflies of North America and can be recognized by its blue-colored wings.

Fully Converted Off Grid Skoolie

“This off grid bus conversion has been our home for over three years and taken us to over half of the states! We custom built this bus to be our full time home so it is built sturdy and with great quality and craftsmanship. We raised the roof 20″ which gives you almost 8′ of head room below the unique blue coffered ceiling.” says Rachel, Owner

Shipping Container Home with Porch

A shipping container converted into a tiny home with built-in front porch. Built by Custom Container Living in Archie, Missouri. 40′ Container home with front porch. This home has smart lap siding on the exterior with a raised sloped roof to allow for both lofts.

Family Cleans House, Finds Pet Tortoise Missing Since 1982

Tortoises are known for their longevity and resilience and they can live even 150 years. They can also adapt to different climates and habitats when in captivity, and this next story makes us even more sure of this.

Amazing Cat Tree

In just two words .. is fantastic. For art & sculpture lovers this project cannot be overlooked. “Rob Rogalski’s whimsical art enraptures. His miniature movie sets, his puppets and his sculptures transport you to a fantasy world that feels breathtakingly real.” Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Forbes declared this “The World’s Most Beautiful Tiny House”

A home in the heart of nature sounds pretty idyllic, right? Well some people actually live like that, far from the noise of the city close to nature in tiny wooden houses. This next home is just like that, a tiny eco-friendly house, surrounded by nature and perfect for relaxation and calmness. It was designed by ESCAPE Homes and it is a beautiful tiny house perfect for adventurous spirits.

Amazon is now selling a garden dome that’s perfect for glamping in your backyard

Have you ever been to one of those rooftop bars that have a transparent dome in which you can sit even in winter? If not, but you would like to have the same experience at home, you can invest in this cool garden dome, sold by Amazon.

Awesome Ideas For a Small Garden Display

Improve the decor in your garden with a simple and easy DIY project. You see in the magazines and across the internet that people often go to great lengths (financially and otherwise) to change the interior design for the better. But actually, all they need to do is pay attention to the little things and create stylish pieces of decorations.

Couple Builds A Customized Giant Bed So All Of Their Rescue Dogs Can Sleep Together With Them

Having several pets means that you need extra space where you can all cuddle together. Dog owners probably experience the lack of space more frequently as their furry friends are growing so fast and will take ownership of the bed in no time. And if you have more than 1 dog, how can you not let them all sleep in your bed? You can’t just pick your favorite and leave the rest behind, right?

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper

With Motorcycle Camping Sidecars and Motorcycle Camper Trailers you can Explore the World. How would you like to travel?

Firefighter and Police Birdhouses

Living in a house with a yard means that you can sometimes be visited by birds, that want to enjoy some time with you and your family. If you would like to make their stay more pleasant, you can always install birdhouses in your backyard. Early spring would be the best time to do this, as the weather is also more pleasant and maybe you can create a fun crafty afternoon with your family.

Horse Trailer Converted into Gypsy Wagon Style Tiny House

Tiny houses never cease to amaze as the possibilities are endless, you just need to let your creativity flow. They can be bland looking from the outside, but most of them hide a unique and exciting interior.

I Had No Idea Shipping Containers Could Look So Good

I Had No Idea Shipping Containers Could Look So Good. This is a Modern Farmhouse. Designing unique and simple solutions to complex problems has always been one of Jon Meier’s strongest attributes. Like most engineers, the founder of Backcountry Containers has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. Backcountry Containers crafts custom container homes specific to your unique needs and location. Using a combination of stacked or adjoined 20ft and 40ft containers, we will create your dream home. They work mostly across the state of Texas, but occasionally take projects elsewhere.

These Animal Planters Keep Themselves Hydrated By Drinking From Their Little Water Bowls

What an awesome invention! Easy To Use! If you are in a constant rush and always struggling to find time to keep your house in order and take care of your plants, then these cute little animal planters might be of great help. With them you won’t have to feel bad for neglecting your plants and can make sure that they stay alive even in the busiest times.

A yard FENCE made out of DOORS

Here’s a great recycle project, but is better to scrape & paint them. Did you decide on building a fence but aren’t quite sure what design to choose and how the final result will look? How about these fences made out of old doors? Old wooden doors can be turned into useful and quite nice-looking fences.

Texas GRAIN SILO Converted Into An Adorable GUESTHOUSE

Turning unconventional spaces into homes is an ongoing trend that does not seem to be coming to an end soon. This is good news, as they are a great source of inspiration for anyone who is looking to transform either their home or space, they own that needs a makeover.

Toys for Goats to Keep Them Busy

Animals require a lot of care and attention, but also dedicated toys and playtime. So while finding the perfect toy for a small pet can be an easy job, when it comes to other domesticated animals, the task becomes harder.

This Albino Turtle Is Absolutely Stunning

This is an Albino Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima, also known as the painted wood turtle. Albino Wood Turtles are one of the rarest turtle morphs in the world.

Screened Cat Porches are a great way to keep your kitty safe

Living in a house with a garden and having cats indoor can be a real challenge, as you have to decide whether you let your pets wander outdoors once in a while or not.

This Swing Bed With Canopy Lets You Relax All Day

This swing bed you can make you experience the comfort of your own bed while being close to nature. You can install it in your backyard, and you don’t even have to worry because of the sunlight, as it has a cover over it. This cover is a removable one.

Company Is Using Plastic Bottles To Make Roads That Last 10x Longer Than Asphalt

The creation of plastic in 1907 marks an important point in mankind and the history of Earth. It is the year in which we created one of the most durable, but also environmentally harmful materials and we are starting to face the consequences now.

Bike Chair for Special Needs – allows you to take someone with limited mobility for a ride.

The Bike Chair is a custom designed tricycle for people who have limited mobility wanting to continue to enjoy cycling in the great outdoors.